Hostess Stand Ideas to Suit Your Style

HOS Ideas BLog Aug 2020

Your furniture should complement your restaurant’s décor. Sounds simple enough, yet sometimes it’s tricky to get right. Luckily, we have some pro tips that will help you get creative with hostess stand ideas and refine your furniture search for your restaurant design or redesign.

Stick to Your Goals

You can avoid mismatched pieces by sticking to a target aesthetic. When you choose a decor theme—for example, rustic, it becomes easier to select colors, patterns, textures and architectural lines that echo that theme.

Consult Your Check-List

With your style strategy in mind, you can begin to consider the following essentials for buying restaurant furniture.

1. Your brand

Deluxe Hostess Stand Haines Gymnasium - Profile

Whether you’re trying to transport guests to a Louisiana balcony, a neighborhood porch, someplace trendy and futuristic, or your grandmother’s cozy kitchen, a restaurant is a unique combination of theme and experience. Your brand is the key to that. Beyond your logo, furniture, and décor that echo your brand elements give guests a seamless experience and sense of ambiance.

2. The Finish

Finishes also help shape the mood of a restaurant space. For example, a matte white chair with a light wood seat creates a different vibe than a black gloss chair with a dark wood seat. One may be bright and boho while the other is slick and modern.

3. Lifetime Cost

Wondering how much to spend on your furniture? Listen to the sound advice of restaurant blogger Misty Young—“quality furniture will be more cost-effective in the long run.” It’s best to invest in high-quality furniture that will last and require less repairs and maintenance. Take time to consider not only the initial purchase price but also the full cost of ownership.

4. Durability

Of course, a major component of furniture quality is durability. When deciding how durable your furniture needs to be, consider the number of guests you expect to serve and the amount of wear and tear pieces will endure. Ask sellers about the construction of each piece and how joints and joinery are handled.

5. Lead Time

Delivery times for volume and custom furniture will vary. If you’re working toward a specific date for a grand opening or inspection, you’ll definitely want to make sure the furniture you choose will arrive in time.

A Stand That Suits Any Style: The Deluxe Hostess Stand

The Deluxe Hostess Stand checks all the above restaurant furniture boxes and suits any décor.

Deluxe Hostess Stand Two Cities Pizza Company - Closeup

We offer white, black, and color acrylic panels that can be used for applying logos and other custom branding graphics. As an indoor-use panel option, we use Wilsonart to offer hundreds of laminates that match wood, stone and pattern designs. These laminates can also accommodate custom printing. Add an LED sign to the front panel to feature your logo or messaging in an eye-catching sign. Additionally, panels are interchangeable. Order multiple panels and slide them in and out of the hostess stand frame to create different looks for different styles, seasons, and events.  In addition to the panels, finish options include the hostess stand frame and counter trim. Depending on the model, you can bring your hostess stand ideas to life with distressed steel (rustic), or white or black powder-coated steel for the frame. Create an even more unique look with gold or brass trim.

However, The Deluxe Hostess Stand isn’t just stylish and versatile. It’s also durable. The Hostess Station offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as guides for maintenance and care to help keep your host stand looking its best.

Then there’s just one box left to check—meeting your timeline. We know that sometimes a hostess stand is the last thing on a restaurateur’s mind. For owners, operators and managers who are facing a fast-approaching opening, we offer options that have lead times as short as two weeks.  

The Compact, Deluxe, and Team Hostess Stands

Take the First Step: Select a Size

Ready to create your custom hostess stand? The first step is picking the right size!

Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-941-0517 if you need your hostess stand by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss