Hostess Stands: A Final Touch

At The Hostess Station, we get plenty of calls from restaurateurs who are preparing for their grand openings but have realized they’re missing an important piece of furniture. As you know, your host station may be one of the first impressions customers get of your restaurant. 

Greet and Seat

The ambassador of your front of house is of course your host.  As Ashley Rosenfeld of A la Carte Food Service Consulting Group says, how your host staff greets, or doesn’t greet a customer “sets the table for their dining experience”. It can also set your independent restaurant or bar apart from chains. A warm greeting makes guests feel welcome and reassures them that they have made the right choice in dining at your establishment. So you train your staff to greet every guest with enthusiasm and seat them promptly.

The Right Hostess Stand

Now you need to pair that great customer service with a space that reflects your restaurant’s style, standards, and cleanliness. For restaurateurs who have made this one of their last steps before the soft or grand opening, that’s not unreasonable. Before the ambiance and personalities of your restaurant were set, the look of your hostess stand might have been a tougher decision.

The best hostess stands are attractive and functional. A well-designed hostess podium, will welcome guests and serve as a staff workstation. So, you’ll want to make sure your stand includes the following features.

Plenty of Storage

Make sure your stand has enough storage space for menus, seating charts, reservation books—and anything else hosts need to provide a great guest experience.

Sturdy, spacious, and easy to maintain

You’ll also want a durable, sturdy stand with enough workspace for your host to perform their duties. It should also be easy for staff to clean and maintain.

Our Deluxe Hostess: The Right Impression

Ready for a new hostess stand? Our versatile Deluxe Hostess Stand accommodates two hosts and easily moves from the front of the house to private dining spaces and patios. Its steel frame is both durable and stylish. The frame is available in black or white and you can add a touch of luxury by choosing gold or bronze trim. 

Hostess Stand panels are interchangeable, so if you buy multiple sets, you can switch between laminates—which are available in hundreds of styles—and custom artwork or seasonal themes. Refresh your hostess stand’s style whenever you like! You can also customize the podium with popular add-ons like an LED sign, LED kit, cabinet door, or menu holder. 

If you need a hostess stand quickly, consider ordering a base model with the standard white or black acrylic panels. Then, order additional panels and change up the look of your Deluxe Hostess Stand later on.

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