Get the Look: French Country

Enter a French country space and you’ll feel like you’ve strolled into the heart of Provence. Inspired by the French countryside—especially the Provence region—French country decor is a balance of elegant and rustic. “The core essence is a refined elegance that is humbled by bringing in aspects of nature such as weathered and white-washed wood, and neutral color palettes,” says lead designer of ASR Design Studio, Ariel Richardson.

Essential Elements

However, despite how effortless French country decor may look, it follows a formula that includes these key elements.

Natural Materials

Exposed wood-beamed ceilings, stone floors, stone fireplaces … French country decor is all about natural materials. And everything should have a weathered appearance. Subtly distressed finishes give spaces an inviting, lived-in feel. Simply elegant, French country fabrics are usually made of natural linen or cotton.

Clean, Cozy Furniture

French country furniture is designed to feel as comfortable and welcoming as it looks. 

So seating should always be plush and cozy. Louis XVI chairs are a French country standby. They usually feature a whitewashed wooden frame with an upholstered linen cushion. 

Warm Palette

Warm hues paired with a neutral foundation enhance the welcoming vibe. Pops of red, green blue, and other colors also work well as bold flourishes. Blacks and grays are sometimes used to add contrast to this warm, bright palette.

Playful Pattern

Patterns like iconic French country toile, bring whimsy and character to French country decor. Plaids, checks, and stripes are also common. Table linens and curtain panels also often feature traditional French country motifs like lavender, roosters, olives, and sunflowers.

Mix Old With New

Mix vintage pieces like wall clocks, chandeliers, porcelain plates and mirrors with modern woven baskets, colorful ceramics, and pitchers used as vases. The goal is an environment that’s a little rustic, homey and elegant.

Ready to Go French Country?

French country inspiration is everywhere these days from a rustic pitcher filled with lavender to table runners, wallpaper, and toile curtains. All you need is a few key pieces and accents to create a warm, inviting French country space! 

Chez Cafe: Your Provence-Style Hostess Stand

Of course, you’ll need a French country hostess stand to welcome guests into your Provence-inspired space—whether it’s a cafe, bar or entertainment area.

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