Create a Pop-Up Patio Paradise

Outdoor Dining in Indianapolis, IN, USA

COVID-19 has led to restrictions on indoor dining. But here’s the good news! These limitations have launched an outdoor dining renaissance. Cities across the country are allowing restaurants to add or expand street-side dining with pop-up patios and parking lot tables. In some urban hotspots like Pasadena and New York governments are even closing miles of streets to give businesses more room. 

Street-Side Chic

This fresh-air freedom has prompted many eateries to take their outdoor ambiance to a whole new level. Traditionally, many sidewalk cafes have consisted of dull, crowded rows of tables bordered by metal railings. Well, not anymore! A street-side dining design trend has turned everyday boulevards into a wonderland of mini oases. 

Outdoor dining in New York

In Manhattan you’ll discover Miami-style decor with an inflatable pink flamingo that echoes Baby Brasa’s signature Pink Flamingo Cocktail. Customers sit in the flamingo and sip away their stress. The Mansion Supper Club transformed a graffiti-covered outdoor area into a coral-pink beach party complete with picnic tables, palm trees and a lifeguard chair stationed at the entrance. French cafe Maman walled off tables with rustic birch-trunk fences. Then they added wicker baskets of rosemary, mint and lavender, creating a floral-scented secret garden escape. Tofu House chose a thriftier approach for their patio design. The restaurant painted their orange plastic barriers the color of tree trunks to create an earthy vibe.

Create Your Patio Paradise

Outdoor dining in San Diego, CA

Getting inspired? Well, then get creative! Take your cue from these restaurants and choose a theme that reinforces your brand. Think about the idea behind your restaurant or your menu and signature cocktails. Greek restaurant? Design a serene mediterranean paradise in shades of sea blue and white sand. Is your signature cocktail a Moscow mule? Add copper accents that echo your mule mugs or really go for it with Russian-themed decor. Gather even more inspiration from inventive street-side venues in popular cities like San Diego and Boston

Welcome Diners With an Outdoor Host Stand

Dolce Italian Deluxe Hostess Stand

Greet diners with an outdoor host stand that matches your patio’s style and mood. We have a wide selection of hostess stands that are perfect for outdoors. For weather resistance, choose a black or white frame and acrylic panels. Add custom printing to acrylic panels to match branding or decor.  All of our stands are on wheels so they can be positioned where you need them during business hours and brought inside after closing time. We also offer to-go counters. Call The Hostess Station at 866-958-6972 today and we’ll help you design a host stand that makes your street-side retreat stand out in the crowd!

Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-941-0517 if you need your hostess stand by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss