Get the Look: Rustic Design

Rustic Design Theme

What do you picture when you hear the words “rustic design”? Wedding celebrations in a refurbished barn? Mason jar centerpieces? Exposed wooden beams? To many, rustic design is simply modern country. An eclectic yet inviting mix of natural, unrefined elements with a sophisticated modern sensibility. It embraces organic imperfections, coziness, and contrast. Imagine modern zinc-and-marble countertops that compliment a converted barn’s original wood beams and flooring. If you’re a novice designer or restaurant manager, you’ll be glad to know rustic design is equally chic in a country lodge or urban bar. It’s all about creating a relaxed, rustic 21st-century vibe. 

Essential Elements

Rustic design gets its charm from an eclectic mix of modern and country-inspired design elements that include color palette, textiles, furniture, accessories and more. 

rustic Hostess Station antique tobacco pine basketEarthy Hues

A rustic palette pairs the earthy hues of wood with contrasting neutral shades such as white-washed walls with warm woods. If neutrals and woods are too close in color they’ll blend in instead of enhancing each other. To keep it fresh and modern, interior designers may use light, airy shades and woods in softer tan and brown hues. Add pops of color to your rustic palette with vibrant furnishings. Deep jewel tones like pinks, reds, purples, and greens add a feeling of luxury, while maroons and indigo blues echo colors found in nature.

Natural Materials

Wood is essential to any rustic decor. If your space already has wooden beams or other wood features, simply highlight them in your design. Otherwise, reclaimed wood, whether it’s used in flooring or other features, is the ideal choice for a rustic space. If that’s out of your price range, try a reclaimed wood laminate or wood paneling. Although wood is typically the main material in rustic decor, stone and metals also work well. Flagstone flooring looks great in dining rooms. Iron, copper, and brass fixtures also make great farmhouse-inspired options. 

Cozy Textiles

Cozy is key. Offset the modern side of rustic decor with comfortable fabrics in warm hues that make your space more inviting. Think faux-fur throws, soft floral furnishings, checked fabrics, and chunky knits. You can also experiment with textiles in unexpected places. 

Rustic Accessories

Rustic accessories are all about charm, and purpose. Add undeniably big, bold, country elements with wall art, lighting, and basic decor items. Make a modern yet rustic animal print a focal point for your private dining space. Accent your back bar with rustic wine shelves. Turn up the charm with the warmth of mason jar lighting. Hang a rustic metal wall planter for a mix of vintage and organic. But don’t over accessorize. Rustic rooms should have everything you need without unnecessary clutter.  

Eclectic Furniture

Rustic decor embraces organic imperfections like scratches in furniture or knots in wood beams. So timeworn furniture will only enhance your space’s rustic feel. Plus you can source second-hand finds for next to nothing. Rustic decor is also about curating an eclectic mix of elements. That means mixing modern pieces with more traditional country basics, or adding mismatched chairs that look like they’ve been collected over time. 

Ready to Go Rustic?

Start by adding rustic, nature-inspired touches and accessories to your existing decor. This might be as simple as filling rustic metal planters with wildflowers and displaying them on tables or countertops. If you’re starting from scratch or are more ambitious, replace your modern entry with a vintage barn door. Bleach your patio picnic tables white for a more weathered look. 

Give Guests a Warm Country Welcome: The Rustic Hostess StandRustic-bespoke

Once you’re done updating your decor, the best way to welcome guests to your rustic restaurant, bar or entertainment space is with a rustic hostess stand! Our rustic hostess stands feature a clear coat that shows the organic imperfections of the steel frame. They’re available in deluxe and team size and offer hundreds of laminate options that include weathered-wood-inspired panels in a variety of shades perfect for any rustic space. Call us at 877-941-0517 and we’ll help you design a custom hostess stand that compliments your rustic mix of modern and country decor.  

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