Get the Look: Shabby Chic

Next up in our design blog series, shabby chic! We’ll make it easy for restaurant managers by walking you through the basics of creating this look—whether you’re launching a new space or reinventing an old one.

Why Go Shabby Chic?

Not sure yet if you want to commit to a shabby chic vibe for your restaurant, bar or interior space? Here are a few great reasons to take the plunge. Shabby chic strikes the perfect balance between feeling relaxed and looking pulled together. Artistic yet elegant, it also gives you plenty of freedom to put your own spin on things. Like French provincial, shabby chic style originated from country houses but incorporates more casual, distressed, vintage pieces with a hint of romance.

Shabby Chic Design Elements

Get to know the essential elements of shabby chic design and if you’re ever worried about balancing boho with structure and avoiding a cluttered look, here’s a quick tip. Simply take a step back and view your entire space as a whole. You’ll instantly know whether or not an addition is too much or just right.

Neutral Background

Since many shabby chic pieces are bold and bright, you’ll want a neutral background for contrast. Paint your walls in light, neutral shades like white or tan and use simple wooden flooring. Neutral hues like chalky white and clotted cream add warmth and weathered style to any room. Add visual interest to your neutral background by centering your design around unique architectural elements like a fireplace or textured paintwork.

Pops of Color

Accent your neutral canvas with bright pops of vintage color. Mix nautical blue, cottage green and dusky pink with striking metallic shades like antique champagne gold or metallic gunmetal. Add a touch of playfulness with metallic purple. Pink hues can be both soft and sophisticated while rich greens look stunning against dark wood or rooms with chocolate brown accents. You can also add color through artwork. We love the look of creamy pink roses against weathered gray driftwood planks.

Distressed or Vintage Furniture

You can easily find new, ready-made shabby chic style pieces like a patterned birchwood armchair. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you could buy an unfinished model and DIY it yourself. Or take the adventurous approach and hunt for one-of-a-kind vintage finds in thrift stores, yard sales, and antique shops.

Mix and Match Accessories

Shabby chic design is all about layering blankets, pillows and other accessories and decor to create a cozy, casual vibe. So mixing and matching is key, plus loads of fun. Focus on items that feature a variety of prints, patterns, and textures. If you’re worried about cohesiveness, limit your accessory color scheme to two or three different hues repeated throughout your space. Mix and match historical periods with a Victorian-inspired chalkboard and a gold crystal vase that echoes the Florentine Renaissance. 

Keep it Light and Airy

Keep your Shabby chic space bright, light and airy with natural elements and the right lighting. Add fresh greenery with a vintage bud vase in an ornate metal frame. If you love natural light, skip the curtains and choose simple window treatments that allow plenty of sun to shine through. Also, make sure to include natural woods and materials. Try clay and stone accessories like vases and coasters. Imbue your space with warm light at night with an opulent Victorian iron and glass chandelier

Your Shabby Chic Hostess Stand

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, you just need a shabby chic hostess stand to welcome guests to your cozy boho bar or restaurant! Durable, versatile and stylish The Deluxe Hostess stand’s frame is available in black, white or rustic if you’re looking for a vintage-inspired antique hostess stand. Even better, its interchangeable panels are available in hundreds of different laminate options. So if you want to reboot your look later and design a modern hostess stand, or any other style, you can easily switch out the laminates to match your new design theme. 

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