How to Be a Holiday Hotspot

How To Be A Holiday Hotspot Banner

Christmas, New Year’s… Here come the holidays—and the holiday parties! During the season retailers earn from 20% – 40% of their yearly income, while restaurants and other venues boost profits hosting holiday celebrations for offices, businesses and families. Right now, these customers are planning their celebrations and deciding which establishment should host them. When they’re checking their list of location must-haves, number one is a place that will put them and their guests in a jolly holiday mood. These guests include loyal patrons as well as new visitors that could easily become repeat customers, ‘year round. Wondering how you can make their list? Well, we have a few expert tips that will help you make the most of the season.

Show off Your Holiday Spirit

Psychological experts agree that holiday decor can evoke a sense of nostalgia and childlike excitement for the young and old. That’s because for a lot of people, holiday memories are some of their fondest. Restaurant holiday decorations usually include seasonal essentials like trees, wreaths and twinkling lights. But to really stand out in the yuletide crowd you’ll want to go beyond the basics. For example, amp up the festive ambiance with holiday music and fragrances. Studies suggest the smell of citrus stimulates spending. Design special themed holiday menus and specials. Extend your seasonal hours to accommodate late or last-minute shoppers and make room for more office parties and family dinners.

Merry Marketing

So you’ve hung your wreaths and lit the pumpkin-spice candles. That’s a great start. But, it’s not enough to attract guests. Studies show that 90% of customers research a restaurant online before dining. 57% of them also viewed restaurant websites before choosing where to dine. During the holidays businesses and individuals are doing the same. They might be searching phrases like “Christmas decorated restaurants near me” or “restaurant with Christmas decorations”. That means you’ll need to convey why your holiday spot is special. Use your social media, website and email lists to market your space. Include relevant keywords in any messaging that might be picked up by search engines. Also, consider that customers are looking for a venue they can envision themselves and their guests enjoying. So post pictures that show people eating, drinking and making merry in your festively decorated restaurant. They might be pictures from previous parties or staged photographs. Whatever you choose, tailor the imagery to your audience. If you’re marketing on social media, make your posts engaging and eyecatching by using images, videos, and GIFs.

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