Modern Restaurant Uniform Ideas

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Before we talk trends, let’s cover some restaurant uniform basics. A great restaurant uniform is the perfect blend of fashion and function. You’ll want something stylish that keeps your staff comfortable enough to work through a long shift. Pastoral restaurant owner Todd Winer originally outfitted employees in long white aprons. He then realized the heavy, hot aprons got filthy fast. So he switched to lighter, cooler half-aprons in clay tones that helped mask pizza sauce splatter.

Pro Tips

Here are some more pro tips you should always keep in mind when choosing modern restaurant uniforms.

Stay on brand

Boston’s Punk & Poet celebrates bohemian music culture by wearing flannel shirts and punk band concert tees.

Don’t get too casual

Winer advises, “the vibe needs to match the price point a little bit, but you can still have five-star service while being low-key and hospitable.”

Be budget-friendly

If staff are paying for their uniforms, they’ll appreciate you keeping the dress code affordable and practical. Especially, if they’re clothes they can wear again.

2021 Trends

Now that we’re clear on the basics, it’s time to get creative with 2021’s top restaurant uniform trends.

Uniform - Tailored Chic

Mandarin collars

This classic never goes out of style. You’ll spot mandarin collars on everything from wait staff tunics to front-of-house blouses.

Statement pieces

Make a fashion splash with striped waistcoats, brightly colored shirts and bold checked patterns.

Tailored chic

Clean, tailored, chic style will always be in. Large patch pockets, oversized buttons and crisp denims exude utilitarian elegance. For an even simpler take on this look, pair chinos with tees, blazers and sophisticated shoes.

Branded cool

Think trendy T-shirts with unique colors, fun branded taglines or artful screen-printing.

Hip aprons

Today’s aprons are full of individuality and funky style. Imagine a waiter wearing a dark denim apron with a crossed back at a hip cafe or restaurant.

Sustainable style

With climate change in the news, more and more businesses—and patrons—appreciate sustainable style. Expect to see more TENCEL® fabric uniforms. Made from eucalyptus, this natural fabric has less environmental impact and is completely biodegradable.

Stay Tuned for More Trends

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