New Year, New Look: 2019 Hospitality Design Trends

Colorful Restaurant

Out with the old and in with the new! In the bar, restaurant, and hotel worlds that means saying farewell to last year’s interior design themes and refreshing seating, lounge, and dining spaces. So to help inspire restaurant owners and hospitality managers we’ve rounded up some popular predictions for 2019 hospitality interior design trends.

Find Your Type

Restaurant Window TypographyLooking for decor that really speaks to your customers? Add bold, playful graphics, marquee letters, diagrams, and charts to your walls or hostess stands. Message daily specials and tempt diners with menu items like “local brews” and “farm-fresh salads”. Or entice and inspire them with fun puns that nod to your offerings like “Having a bad day? Come in and wine about it!”. Choose a type that fits your brand and personality and you’ll be sure to inspire some #typelove on social media and free advertising for your business.

Start Some Internet Buzz

Speaking of social media … Another 2019 interior design trend is choosing beautiful colors, polished style, and soft lighting that make for great Instagram photos. Do this and your customers won’t be able to resist taking and posting snapshots of more than just their drinks or meal. They’ll want to pose in front of all their favorite decor! Plus the more they post and tag your business, the more buzz you’ll get in the social media world, and the more success you’ll have in the real world.

Express Your Artistic Side

Restaurant Signage EATIn 2019, the idea of sourcing local goes beyond menu ingredients and extends to decor and design themes. According to Upserve, a provider of restaurant management software solutions, if you’re on a mission to refresh your bar, restaurant, or hotel’s look with the latest trends, you should reach out to local artists in your neighborhood. Work with them to create unique masterpieces for your business. Choose whatever suits your brand’s personality and products. Paintings, sculptures, custom lighting … powwow with your favorite artist and get creative. This trend is sure to make your establishment stand out in the crowd and look picture-perfect.

Let Them in on the Secret

You may not realize it, but some of your business’s best features may be the ones you’re hiding. Do you have a rustic wine cellar? Perhaps a mysterious yet vintage-chic whiskey tunnel? Is your kitchen a bustling hub of color and activity with a lovely wood-fired oven? In 2019 the trend is to open up these spaces and make them part of your decor. Invite your customers in and let them see the magic that happens beyond the dining room or bar. Let them in on the secret and get them talking. The more they know about the quality and care that goes into your business the more they’ll tend to spend, becoming loyal patrons for years to come.

Get Fresh and Go Green

Restaurant + PlantsIn 2019, both Upserve and fabric furnisher FR-One predict you’ll see greenery springing up everywhere, from potted plants to wallpaper and tablecloths. Think ferns, flowers, and fresh herbs as well as bright, earthy color palettes saturated with natural daylight. The trend may be especially popular in cities, evoking a sense of the great outdoors to create a true urban jungle. Some say the reason may be that people are craving a break from their digital lives and long to get back in touch with nature. Whatever the inspiration for the trend, adding a touch of freshness to your space, especially live plants, will remind visitors of the freshness of your ingredients if you own a bar or restaurant.

Say So Long to Steel

In 2019, the down-to-earth interior design trend also goes beyond plants and wallpaper to furniture. Industrial designs and textures like brushed steel and white walls are so last year. Instead, 2019 marks a return to natural, earthy surfaces. In some ways it’s a retro reboot that fast forwards last year’s vintage trend to 1970s warmth and color. So forget stark all-white looks and aim for upholstered walls and furniture with edgier textures and dark green or mustard hues. Pewter shades are also predicted to be a popular alternative to white for establishments seeking a more classic vibe.

Keep Things Eco-Friendly

Another aspect of 2019’s go green trend is the use of recyclable materials in interior design as well as everyday hospitality essentials like plates and napkins. Especially popular in restaurants, this reaction to cold, industrial design favors warm woods like bamboo, and soft shades of chocolate and rose on floors, wallpaper, and other surfaces. It also embraces multi-textured upholstery, decor, and furniture made from recycled materials. And when it comes to furniture, sustainable also means multifunctional. Keeping with the eco-friendly trend and making the most of small spaces, 2019 heralds the use of versatile, compact furniture that can be used for multiple purposes as well as easily moved from one space to another. Great examples of the latter are portable bars.

Make a Statement With Seating

In 2019, many predict custom seating will steal the scene with bold hues, striking patterns, and enticing textures. Imagine upholstered restaurant and bar booths that add unique texture to your space while still looking cozy and inviting. As a bonus, upholstered materials also provide much-needed sound absorption in small dining or meeting spaces. This will make it easier for your guests to enjoy the conversation as well as the atmosphere and your delicious menu.

Ready for a Design Reboot?

Now that you know the trends, which theme should you choose? And how can you bring it to life in your establishment? Whatever you decide, make sure the trend reflects your brand’s personality. If you’re in the bar or restaurant business, you’ll also want to choose a style that doesn’t overpower your cocktails or cuisine, and keeps your guests comfortable. If you’re not in love with any of 2019’s trend predictions, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Old-school, bistro-style wood bars and chairs never go out of style.

Hostess Stands That Are Always On Trend

Whether you choose to refresh your establishment’s look for a new 2019 theme or stick with the classics, The Hostess Station offers hotel, restaurant, and bar stands and stations that will match any decor.

Hostess Greeting Stand profile viewDeluxe Hostess Stand

The Deluxe Hostess Stand features panels that can be customized in 100s of different laminate options from earthy antique pine to classic marble. The panels can be branded with custom artwork and typography. Even better, swapping out panels is as easy as sliding a photo in and out of a picture frame. So you can try out more than one 2019 design theme for your establishment, or switch things up for special event spaces.

Unique Details

  • Countertop with black-powder-coated steel trim
  • Interchangeable panels in 100s of laminate options
  • Optional matching laminate on shelving
  • 16-gauge, heavy-duty metal frame
  • USB charging station with 4 ports (Optional)
  • Power supply station (Optional)
  • Custom signage (Optional)
  • Menu holder (Optional)

Essential Features

  • Scratch-resistant textured black finish frame
  • Electronics compatible
  • Black-powder-coated steel working surface
  • Drawer w/stainless steel handle
  • 2 removable shelves
  • 4 heavy-duty locking casters
  • 1 slam lock w/keys
  • Replaceable parts
  • Pre-assembled
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

It’s time! Update Your Hostess Station for 2019

Ready to update your hostess stand or station with the latest trends? Check out The Hostess Station’s extensive customization options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, have your hospitality or restaurant manager email us at 877-930-6623 and we’ll work with you to design a custom station that helps keep your business booming and on-trend in the new year!

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