Team Hostess Stand | Tawney Marquetry laminate | Etched Acrylic Sign

Tawney Marquetry laminate exudes a warm mid-tone brown wood, featuring a large-scale pieced marquetry pattern. Delve into our diverse range of customization options, showcasing an impressive selection of over 800 laminate choices. Enhance your custom hostess stand by infusing branding or artwork onto the panels, turning it into a dynamic promotional centerpiece. Our LED signs […]

Team Hostess Stand | Lace Gesso Wood Laminate | Stainless Steel Trim

Our Team Hostess stand is meticulously crafted, blending stainless steel accents with Lace Gesso Wood laminate—a faux distressed woodgrain in antique white, showcasing rustic elegance. Boasting functionality, this stand includes interchangeable panels, portability-enhancing casters, ample shelving, secure locking cabinet doors, spacious work and counter space, and a handy menu holder—an embodiment of style and practicality. […]

Team Hostess Stand | Brazilian Grey Laminate | Stainless Steel Trim

Our Team Hostess stand, crafted with the fusion of stainless steel accents and Brazilian Grey laminate, embodies a blend of contemporary sleekness and timeless elegance. The polished allure of stainless steel harmonizes seamlessly with the luxurious white and gray veins of Brazilian Arabescato stone, creating a sophisticated contrast that defies passing trends. Packed with functionality, […]

Team Hostess Stand | Brazilian Grey Laminate | Gold Counter Trim

Gold accents and Brazilian Arabescato stone harmonize in a timeless blend, radiating elegance and class. The opulence of gold seamlessly intertwines with the luxurious white and gray veins of Arabescato stone, cultivating a refined and sophisticated ambiance. Our Hostess stand goes beyond the ordinary, offering functionality at its finest with features like interchangeable panels, casters […]

Team Hostess Stand | Brazilian Grey Laminate | Curved Counter

Our white-framed Team Hostess Stand boasts Brazilian Grey laminate panels, featuring a Brazilian Arabescato stone design with multiple shades ranging from white to mid-tone grey. Customize your hostess podium with confidence by choosing from our extensive selection, including over 800 laminate options. Transform your custom stand into a powerful promotional tool by adding branding or […]