Rustic Team Hostess Stand

Unique Distress Marks, Customizable Panels, Industrial Look.
Rustic frame intended for indoor use


The Rustic Hostess Station is perfect for any restaurant, bar, brewery or winery that is trying to achieve a distressed, rustic, vintage or industrial look. It’s a full-size host/hostess station that has a clear coated raw steel frame with unique distress marks giving every one of these server stations custom-made look. Because this unique type of finish, it is highly recommended for indoor use and requires proper care and maintenance to prolong the life span of the station.

The panels of this restaurant hostess station are available in hundreds of different laminate options. The panels are brandable allowing you to add custom artwork and they are inter-changeable by sliding in and out of the frame (just like a photo slides into a picture frame) allowing for quick signage changes. You can even change the look of the entire server station by swapping out all the panels with another laminate selection!

The clear coated steel trim with distress marks above the steel greeting counter make every one of these host/hostess stations unique and show the quality of craftsmanship that was put into the manufacturing. This unit comes equipped with two locking clear-coated steel drawers that come equipped with stainless steel handles. This greeting station has four open shelves for storage that you have the option of covering in the laminate so they match the panels or leaving them raw clear coated metal. The shelves sit on metal slots attached to the frame with 6 positions so you can easily modify the shelving arrangement or remove them for additional storage space.

Four locking casters allow this restaurant hostess station to be easily moved. It comes equipped with two grommets installed in the greeting counter and the base of the podium so electronics can be routed through the unit on either side. Optional items include a power supply station and a menu holder.

Unique Features

  • Clear coated steel countertop that has steel trim with unique distress marks
  • Interchangeable panels available in hundreds of laminate options, translucent white acrylic, and solid gloss colored acrylic
  • Optional matching laminate on shelving
  • 16 gauge, heavy-duty clear coated metal frame
  • Optional power supply station
  • Optional custom signage
  • Electronics compatible
  • Optional menu holder

Standard Features

  • Scratch-resistant clear coated finish frame
  • Clear coated steel working surface
  • 4 removable shelves w/ 6 arrangement positions
  • 2 drawers w/ stainless steel handles
  • 4 Heavy-duty Locking casters
  • 2 slam locks w/ keys
  • Replaceable parts
  • Pre-assembled
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions 56" (w) x 28" (d) x 49" (h)
Weight 350
Rustic Hostess Station Dimensions