Customizable Hostess Stands To Match Any Interior

Customizable Hostess Stands Available In Four Sizes

Compact Hostess Stand

FROM $600

18″ Wide, 21″ Deep, 48.5″ High

Available in Black & White Frames

Standard Hostess Stand

FROM $600

24″ Wide, 19″ Deep, 48″ High

Available in Black & White Frames

FROM $1,785

39.5″ Wide, 24″ Deep, 49″ High

Available in Black, White, & Rustic Frames

Team Hostess Stand

FROM $2,695

56″ Wide, 28″ Deep, 49″ High

Available in Black, White, & Rustic Frames

Popular Styles

Wood Looking Panels

Compact Stand in Textured Vinyl wood printRustic Deluxe in high pressure laminate with wood textureTeam Hostess Stand in black frame and wood-looking laminate

Stone Looking Panels

LED Options

Branding Options

Customization Options

Hostess Stations for Indoor, Outdoor or Both

Powder-coated steel frames are suitable for indoor/outdoor use when paired with weather resistant acrylic panels.

Distress steel with clear coat frames and laminate panel options are designed for indoor use. Exposure to extreme weather conditions and rain greatly reduce the lifespan of these hostess stands.

White Powder Coat Steel

Black Powder Coat Steel

Clear Coat Steel (Rustic Frame)

The Hostess Station: Professional Podium Options for Sprucing up the Front of the House at Your Venue!

Have you ever noticed that the presence of a host or hostess has a way of making an establishment seem high-class? Think about some of the finest restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that you have visited. They probably made a great first impression with a hostess station at the front to greet you!

One of the easiest ways your establishment can make that same great impression is by having a beautiful station for a host, hostess, or maître d’. Our stations provide a designated area for your venue to greet guests, take reservations, and show them to their tables.

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The Hostess Station: An Overview

The Hostess Station will seamlessly blend in with your decor and fit the overall design of your restaurant or club. It serves as the home base for your host, hostess, or maître d’. It provides an easy location to assist both your restaurant and take-out guests.

Table Reservations

Our hostess station can accommodate any reservation system you currently use. Some places are still into an old-fashioned reservation book system, while other up-and-coming restaurants and bars prefer to make sure of technology. The Hostess Station has enough room to fit an I Pad system or a full computer with monitor and keyboard.

Guest Pagers

At one point, guest pagers were looked at as a fad that was sure to die off. Today, guest pagers are used in most large volume casual dining restaurants as a form of notifying guests when their table is ready for them. It cuts down noise levels and miscommunications between the host and the guests.

Our hostess stations and stands have enough space to house all of your pagers and their corresponding base stations. Utilizing guest pagers is a great way of keeping your hostess’s stand area free and clear and allowing guests to move around as they wait for their reservations.

Menus + More

Some guests may want to browse your menu prior to being seated. But even if they don’t want to view them until they are at their table, It is a good idea if your hostess stand can make room for menu storage. Whether you just have dinner and lunch menus, or you also have a brunch menu, cocktail menu, happy hour menus and a wine list, you need a place to keep them.

The Hostess Station equipment provides ample space to store all the menus you need in an organized manner and keep current menus available with the use of an optional menu holder that attaches directly to the side of the station. Menu holders compliment the design of your hostess stand or station and blend seamlessly into the overall look.

Take It To Go!

Food delivery services are a hot new commodity! Companies such as Postmates, Eat24, GrubHub, and Ubereats should be able to locate and pick up their customer’s orders quickly. When you have ample room at your hostess station, you can double the space as a pickup area for all of your to-go orders. The Hostess Station makes it easy for your front-of-house to have access to all it needs with multiple shelving options and a large working surface.

Nightclubs + Bars: Convert The Hostess Station into A Bouncer Station!

Would you think bars and nightclubs are a typical place for finding a hostess station? Although it may not be called a hostess station, the spot where your customers are greeted and checked into your club is the very same thing. In the realm of bars and nightclubs, you may refer to this area as the bouncer station, but it serves the same purpose.

Use equipment from The Hostess Station to make your bouncer station blend seamlessly into your bar or nightclub design. It is where you can comfortably check in guests, verify ID’s, and check bags. Our stations and stands are the main hub for bouncers and staff that are responsible for managing your guest line and getting them through the door. The Hostess Station offers plenty of customization options that give you space and equipment to run your establishment smoothly from the front-of-house.

The Hostess Station: Benefits to Your Establishment

At The Hostess Station, we are committed to providing your restaurant, bar, or nightclub with a multi-purpose station or stand that brings everything you need, and more, to greet your guests. The Hostess Station stands out from the competition in all aspects, including

  • Portability
  • Efficiency
  • Professional Style
  • Creative Finishes
  • Durability

If you are looking for a space that really pops and brings the wow factor to your establishment, The Hostess Station can make that happen for you. Bring convenience and ease to your venue with one piece of equipment!


Do you greet or check in your guests from outside? Are you ever in need of a hostess station that may need to be set up on a sidewalk or in a patio area? We provide stations and stands with locking casters making them easy to move from inside to outside with no trouble! You can use them on the sidewalk to make the interior of your space more open and then roll them back inside when the weather is less than stellar. Move your hostess station around with the ease of portability for outdoor events, special events, and more!


We make your establishment run more efficiently! When you have a hostess station that is well organized and offers all the extra space you need to accommodate guest services, your establishment runs smoothly from the start. There is a direct correlation between customer perception/satisfaction and having a proper hostess stand.

Allow your employees to do their jobs easily and quickly, while also serving guests to the highest degree of quality. The Hostess Station makes this happen! When is the last time you purchased a single item that benefitted you, your employees, and your customers at the same time?

Professional Style

Are you looking for style and professionalism? Are you looking for something that fits in seamlessly with your current restaurant design? A plain podium crafted of unattractive and weak laminate would be a disservice to your business.

While you may not have all the knowledge of the many uses of a hostess stand, our professionals can help direct you to a stand or station that will spruce up your interior in an instant! We are the masters of professional style and are ready to lend a hand customizing your perfect hostess station today!

Creative Finishes

Do you want your stand or station to match your building’s exterior? Are you going for a look typical podiums are unable to achieve? At The Hostess Station, the only limit to your creative finish is your imagination. We offer a full suite of creative finishes that will have your front-of-house looking exquisite all year long.

While we love custom orders and get to see amazing designs put together by our customers, we also offer standard options for your vinyl panels that suit many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs just fine.

  • Wood grain designs: Order your panels in classic species of Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, Pine, Oak, and Cherry. Choose from exotic wood panels in Bamboo, Teak, and Zebrawood. Wood grain designs can come in a variety of finishes, including planked, milk paints, aged, antique, or rediscovered.
  • Metallic finishes: Metallic finishes are offered in looks of stainless, copper, antique bronze, or brass to name a few.
  • Stone finishes: There are many stone finishes as well, including a replication of marble, granite, concrete, and quartz.
  • Other Design options: There is no telling where your imagination will wander! Keep it simple by choosing colored acrylic panels in black, white, red, blue, or another color. Choose to put your company logo on your panels or customize your restaurant design to match the most recent holiday

Learn more about the unique ways YOU can dress up your podium from The Hostess Station! Check out our blog for some fun Halloween graphics used on a creative holiday display.


It is no secret that many of the options on the market for podiums are made of cheap material that needs to be replaced within a few years. At The Hostess Station, we offer durability. Our stations and stands are crafted using highly durable powder-coated and clear-coated steel. They are expertly manufactured and assembled to ensure the highest quality available in the industry.

We use a combination of heavy-duty materials and high-end design to produce a carefully manufactured product that will not succumb to deterioration that is present in many of our competitor’s products. A stand or station from The Hostess Station is built tough and built to last! Our product is an investment that your establishment will benefit from for years.

Why Should You Choose The Hostess Station?

If customization and quality were not enough to sway you to choose The Hostess Station as your next premium equipment purchase, will customer satisfaction sway you? Beyond the obvious design aspects, we pour our heart and soul into providing exceptional service both before and after your purchase.

At The Hostess Station, we provide recommendations on the best station or stand for your business, accurate lead times, and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty! We assemble each station and stand in our warehouse in California, so we can keep our quality control high.

Solid Recommendations

At The Hostess Station, we provide excellent recommendations on your unit; including suggestions on many of the accessories, we have available for your new equipment.

We provide umbrellas for stands or stations that are placed outdoors in an uncovered area to keep your employees and guests shaded and cool.

We specialize in signage to show off your venue and restaurant design vibes.

We offer security options for establishments needing to add in a CCTV or hidden cameras in their podiums.

We also recommend choosing a podium with lockable casters for venues needing to make their hostess stands or stations portable, so we made all of our equipment with lockable casters.

There are many other ways to customize your station to fit your specific needs. When looking at The Hostess Station, simply reach out to one of our professionals so we can meet your needs 100%!

Lead Times

Putting a new establishment together, whether it is a restaurant, bar or nightclub follows a strict timeline. Many tasks need to be completed on time in both new and renovated spaces. Purchasing new equipment or replacing existing equipment is all mapped out on your timeline, and at The Hostess Station, we respect that.

We monitor our production and assembly to ensure supplies and inventory information is up-to-date at all times. We keep our top products in stock, and finishes are close by which means some finishes can be installed in your hostess station or stand and delivered to your establishment within 2 weeks, and most others are withing 6 weeks. We update shipping and delivery times frequently so you never have to wonder where your equipment is in the process!

For custom orders or lead times, you can always reach The Hostess Station at 877-941-0517 and speak with a sales associate. We also provide quick turn around times for clients needing multiple units.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our number one concern is always with our customers. I am sure you are excited to jump in and create your very own Hostess Station, but it is important that you know the level of commitment we have for your product purchase. Our guarantee is worth way more than the paper it is written upon!

We offer a full manufacturer’s warranty on all of our products and their accessories for three full years. We stand behind our products 100% because we are involved in every step of production from start to finish. If anything malfunctions with your hostess station at any time as the fault of workmanship, we will replace any parts within three years of your purchase.

Are You Ready to Invest for Your Business?

Are you ready to bring the wow factor to your business? Are you ready to give your hosts and hostesses somewhere where they can properly serve your guests? Look no further than the unlimited customization options at The Hostess Station.

Work with The Hostess Station today and bring a well-designed piece of equipment to your business today! You can reach a sales representative by calling us at 877-941-0517 or using the contact information on our website. We are excited to get started on customizing your very own stand or station!

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